Appreciation Day is a not-so-new term; many companies celebrate this day each year worldwide. It is a day for companies to thank their employees for their hard work and effort throughout the year. This day was created for the purpose of strengthening the bond between employer and employee.

This year, we decided to extend the celebration into a whole Appreciation Week that lasted from Tuesday to Friday and people were ready to be cheesy for a whole week

We kicked off our Appreciation Week called Thankful Tuesday. On this day, our employees had their own “cheese bag” which was designed and drawn by themselves. Lovely cards were ready to pick up at the “cheese corner” and write notes to say thanks to the people around them. 

A Wholesome Wednesday happened to appreciate our collaboration as a team. The COVID-19 outbreak brought us such a difficult year and we’ve made out of our collaboration during 2020, more than ever. A ton of cheesy messages was sent on our Slack channel and we all felt being recognized. 

We set our Thursday as the Together Thursday, in which we would like to give our love to the community. This was the first time ever our Culture Team and SEA Team collaborated. 

Culture Team is a fancy team that helps us maintain, protect, and strengthen our top priority – CULTURE. 

SEA Team is a Social Environmental Awareness Team. We come up with ideas and plan activities to help Everestians reach to the call of charity organizations byways!

We bought the raffle tickets to raise money for the community. At the same time, the Central of Vietnam had to suffer from terrible floods. Thus, we decided to give our donations to help this area. 

And Finally Friday was a mark to wrap up our Appreciation Week. It had been a meaningful week with thanks to our teammates, our collaborators, our community. Last but not least, we appreciated ourselves. We treated ourselves well with our favorite dish, beverage, boba tea, and … shopping. 

Let’s see some photos for our great-great-great week…