Although we work really hard and have many opportunities for professional development, we have fun in and outside of work. The relationships I have built here are life-long relationships.

Tim Odell

English Teacher

I’ve learned, grown and developed a lot at E2. The most helpful thing to me is to be less selfish. We here at E2 always put our climbers’ benefit above others, as our core value. So for a person who used to put yourself first like me, it was such a challenge just to learn how to think for others. It has been a process, both hurtful and helpful. It’s hurtful because I need to put myself down, it’s helpful as I can see the improvement and benefit of my students. In the end, I realized that the “helpful” feeling has dominated the “hurtful” feeling!

Lan Nguyen

Math Teacher

E2 is so welcoming and provides a safe environment where I can grow. We can give each other feedback and people don’t hesitate to give compliments. I feel very appreciated, the whole vibe is very positive.

Elseline Bennen

Math Teacher

Everything has been said about Everest, and yet so much remains to be said. It all comes down to the people! Everestians share a vision. We all want to have an impact on our student’s lives. In our own little and humble way, we are changing the world, one lesson at a time. Moreover, I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to be working alongside such a wonderful group of people. In the last two years, I have laughed, I have cried, I have shouted, I have hugged and I can’t wait for the next flow of emotions. Don and Tony and the bosses, the Other Guys, the Dream Team. Yet, I hope they know they have created something that goes beyond them now. They started a business, which turned into a community. Everest Education is all of us now, and with that in mind, there is nothing we can’t accomplish! So, turn on your webcam, put on your smiley face, and raise a glass… to E2! Thank you all for making my life an adventure!

Emmanuel Albertus

Academic Manager

To me, E2 culture means ‘appreciation’. It’s really good when other people know what you are doing and contributing (although you do it silently), especially from people who didn’t work directly with you

Anh Nguyen

Senior Digital Marketing Executive

To me, E2 means collaborative learning, supportive professional, and personal growth while having fun and being myself. I love the flexibility style of working at E2 based on mutual trust between E2 and its employees. Cheers for the awesome partnership.

Tu Ha

VIP Teacher

E2 culture is about being constructive and empowering people, focusing on actions and solutions rather than targeting individuals in communications. E2 culture lets you feel thankful for the person you have working with other Everestians.

Anh Thuy Phan

Apprentice Teaching Professional Development Coordinator