Although we work really hard and have many opportunities for professional development, we have fun in and outside of work. The relationships I have built here are life-long relationships.

Tim Odell

English Teacher

I’ve learned, grown and developed a lot at E2. The most helpful thing to me is to be less selfish. We here at E2 always put our climbers’ benefit above others, as our core value. So for a person who used to put yourself first like me, it was such a challenge just to learn how to think for others. It has been a process, both hurtful and helpful. It’s hurtful because I need to put myself down, it’s helpful as I can see the improvement and benefit of my students. In the end, I realized that the “helpful” feeling has dominated the “hurtful” feeling!

Lan Nguyen

Math Teacher

My direct supervisors understand and let me have the silent spaces that I need to do my job. At E2, introversion doesn’t seem like a liability that should be fixed, but a strength that is allowed to exist and flourish.

Thu Truong

Former English Teacher, Community Outreach Manager

On top of my favorite parts at E2, that should be our culture of taking away the lesson rather than blaming each other. This tradition allows us to grow bigger than we can imagine and be more understanding towards other jobs. It also lets us tolerate ourselves (those perfectionists like me), be more curious about each other’s reasons when they make mistakes rather than just lose trust on them and gaining more courage to try then make mistakes. Eventually, together, it builds up a non-stop learning and result-oriented workplace.

Di Ngo

Former Learning Advisory Manager

The most helpful thing I learned at E2 is how to lead. Instead of just “doing my job” and waiting around to get noticed and promoted, I learned that leading means actively looking for ways to use my strengths to contribute value to the team, and then doing those things.

John Lubushkin

Former Head of Private Tutoring, Curriculum Developer