Former Math Teacher

Julian decided to move to Vietnam to be closer to his wife’s family and experience her culture. After just over a year teaching at VUS, Julian chose to join E2 because he was excited to teach things he really cares about. Julian is part of our Summer 2016 cohort of new joiners.

Share your background: Where did you grow up? Where did you go to university and what did you study?

I grew up on Chicago’s North Shore. I studied physics at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas.

What is your favorite and least favorite Vietnamese food?

My favorite Vietnamese food is banh khot and my least favorite is Vietnamese style ham like they put in most banh mi.

What brought you to Vietnam / back to Vietnam?

I moved here to be close to my wife’s family and to learn about and experience her culture.  

What made you decide to be a teacher?

Good teachers have an impact on the lives of their students. I don’t know where I’d be or who I’d be without the guidance I received from my teachers and I hope to be able to fill that pivotal role in the lives of my students.  

What was the biggest factor that made you choose E2?

I think that E2 is a unique organization in Vietnam, both in terms of academic focus and corporate culture. I want to work somewhere where I can feel like what I’m doing matters and I think that as a foreign teacher in Vietnam, E2 is one of the few places where that is really a possibility.

Can you describe E2’s working environment in 3 words?

Busy Busy Busy!!!  

What is the most helpful thing you’ve learned to improve your teaching at E2?

I feel like my classroom management skills have improved dramatically, even after only a few months at E2.

What is your most memorable teaching moment at E2?

Seeing one of my students taking what we were working on in class, and extending it into a related area on her own, then doing calculations just for the fun of it!.  

What is your most memorable NON-teaching moment at E2? PG version, please.

Tuan’s birthday dance :D.

What are you most looking forward to or optimistic about when it comes to your own future at E2 or E2’s future in general?

I’m looking forward to helping E2 develop an IB science and math curriculum that can be used for years to come!